Les and Carol Dotts

On Friday February 3, 1995, my parents, Les and Carol Dotts, decided to go out for dinner. When they came home they were brutally murdered by Thomas Gagne, Jr. (20) and David Scarbrough (18), while their 13 year old accomplice, Harley Watts was the lookout.

The KCSO and the media referred to my parents’ murders as “overkill” due to the numerous times my parents were shot at close range. After these cold blooded killers, thieves, and drug dealers were arrested for two (2) counts of felony murder and robbery each, the “truth” came out about their extensive history of criminal behavior. Thomas Gagne Jr. and his family were involved in credit card fraud, prostitution, drug dealing, extortion and more.

Gagne was arrested and convicted for two (2) counts of aggravated assault as a juvenile, before he broke into the home of Tim Fitzpatrick and shot and left him for dead with the same gun that was used to murder my parents a few days later. During multiple hearings and at his trial we found out that David Leon Scarbrough began abusing and dealing drugs and stealing cars when he was only 13 or 14 years old.

There was also testimony from his father about a “shootout” he was involved in with his “friend” and co-killer Thomas Gagne. However, his parents never reported this to the police, and continued to welcome Gagne into their home. In late 1994, Scarbrough was arrested attempting to steal a car and was caught with illegal drugs.

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